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When you install a solar system you should be able to get the best out of it. A solar monitoring system makes you more aware of how the photovoltaic (PV) system performs. What is a monitoring system, anyway?

A monitoring system is a software program that allows you to see information on:


Your solar savings


Alerts and faults diagnostics


Your energy usage and costs


Net electricity bought and sold


Your solar energy system's performance


Energy your system should be producing

Without a solar monitoring system, it is hard to determine whether the system is working at its optimal level or not. Solar monitoring is a huge investment, but with the services of a right solar monitoring company you should be in a position to get a great return on investment.
At Green solar NSW, we provide complete solar monitoring services to all our esteemed customers in residential and commercial solar energy. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that your solar energy system is operating at optimal levels so you won’t have to replace the system any time soon.

how does solar monitoring work

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Solar Monitoring Methods

Advancement in technology has enabled diversity in solar monitoring methods. Unlike before, solar monitoring has become easier and more efficient. The following are some of the common solar monitoring methods:
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Direct PC Connection

This is where an inverter is connected to a PC either through Bluetooth or CATs cables. Direct PC connection allows you to access all the information from the monitoring system displayed on your PC. It is one of the cheapest monitoring methods and has an added advantage of data logging.

Monitoring Display Unit

Actually, a decade ago, this was the only way to monitor your solar energy system. How does it work? By reading data displayed on the inverter which, more often than not, only a trained technician could interpret correctly.

Internet-based monitoring

Internet-based solar monitoring not only helps you monitor your PV system, but also gives you the ability to retrieve data on past performance. That’s not all; it also allows for easy integration with various data storage systems. 

Mobile Device using Apps

This can be done through Bluetooth, or the recommended solar monitoring system app, that can be installed on your smartphone. This is, by far, the most convenient monitoring method that allows you to monitor your PV remotely, and you can even make a custom user profile.


Benefits of a solar monitoring system

Do you need a solar monitoring system? A solar monitoring system gives you information on how your PV system is operating. The information is easily accessible and means that when there is a problem, or malfunction, it will be detected easily at its early stages before it can get worse. For clients that we offer solar monitoring services to at Green Solar NSW, we send a technician as soon as we detect any kind of default on the system.
Are there more benefits?

Increased awareness of solar operations
With an installed solar monitoring system you can check with convenience how much solar power your system is producing at any given time. Depending on the installed monitoring system, you can also determine the energy output of each solar panel, making it easy for you to know if any panel needs maintenance.

Email alerts
Most, if not all, solar monitoring systems are connected so that when there is a fault in the system an email alert is sent. How much more convenient can it get?

Is solar Monitoring worth it?

Yes! In short, you need a solar energy monitoring system. You can keep track of how your PV system is functioning. More importantly, in most cases, whenever there is a fault you need the services of a professional. This is where Green Solar NSW can help you by offering complete solar monitoring services. Invest with us today!

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Green Solar NSW installed our 9.9kw premium solar system last Friday. Rob and team arrived on time and had everything installed on the day. We have had massive savings on our electricity bill already!
Friendly, local and competitively priced, I would highly recommend Green Solar NSW to everyone!🙂

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Rob provided a professional, reliable and friendly service! He answered my many questions and provided plenty of advice and support to help me make a decision! I loved that he also personally installs the panels and ensures it all working as it should be before he leaves. I highly recommend these guys 🙂

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Rod & Brodie came out today to install 5kw solar panels & inverter, very happy with the amazing job they did. Very friendly, reliable easy going Highly recommended
Thanks to Rob & Brodie 😊