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With rising energy costs, putting your roof to good use with commercial solar panels is a great way to save costs and have clean energy. In recent years, many expanding businesses and firms are investing in commercial solar power as a way to counter the added expenses resulting from growth-related investments. Although the commercial solar industry had a slow start, things seem to be taking a whole new direction in its favor. Solar energy is ideal for all types of business: industrial, large, and small.

At Green Solar NSW, we are specialists in commercial solar system installation, servicing, and maintenance for a wide range of commercial sectors. We are one of the leading solar panel companies in NSW, and our team of professionals has a clear understanding of the needs of the business.

what is commercial solar

Commercial solar seems and sounds straightforward; solar for business. As much as this is true, commercial solar isn’t only for businesses. Commercial solar systems are custom-made for commercial buildings. This can be anything from a business, school, university, government building, and large corporation. For such a huge investment, you need to seek the services of a company that knows what they are doing and have a positive track record. Green Solar NSW provides complete end-to-end commercial solar services. Our slogan is simple: the client’s needs always come first. We want our professional relationships to go beyond installation.

Schools childcare universities

hotels hospitals office blocks

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Benefits of commercial solar installation

A trustworthy and competent solar panel supplier is needed to successfully install commercial solar. Green House NSW has been supplying solar panels around Sydney and large parts of New South Wales. We are one call away and always deliver to our clients.
Why should you install commercial solar? The following are proven benefits:

Energy Security

Solar energy is a safe and reliable investment. To escape possible future energy shortage commercial solar serves as an excellent backup option.


Solar energy is renewable, clean, and free. Utilizing solar energy will help your firm reduce carbon emissions, which are the main air pollutants.

Cost Reduction

Solar energy provides a dramatic reduction in commercial power bills. This will allow your business to be more profitableby reducing its energy cost.

What Clients Say About Us

21+ years experience

James Creer

Facebook Review


Green Solar NSW installed our 9.9kw premium solar system last Friday. Rob and team arrived on time and had everything installed on the day. We have had massive savings on our electricity bill already!
Friendly, local and competitively priced, I would highly recommend Green Solar NSW to everyone!🙂

Danielle Louise

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Rob provided a professional, reliable and friendly service! He answered my many questions and provided plenty of advice and support to help me make a decision! I loved that he also personally installs the panels and ensures it all working as it should be before he leaves. I highly recommend these guys 🙂

Jane Chidgey Dalby

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Rod & Brodie came out today to install 5kw solar panels & inverter, very happy with the amazing job they did. Very friendly, reliable easy going Highly recommended
Thanks to Rob & Brodie 😊